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I'm here.

Nobody’s reading this, of course, but I’m typing this for myself as a link, in the unlikely event that I need it.

After they killed Splinter, and then killed Deadspin, I commented that I would no longer be visiting io9 and AV Club, because I can’t give my clicks to a greedy Private Equity firm, and fuck that Herb, etc.


I’m backing down from that stance for a couple of different reasons.

1.) I support the writers and the union. Does it help the writers and the union if I don’t read their work?


2.) Does this private equity company give a flying fuck if I’m not here? Does it matter, other than depriving me of the content of my favorite writers? They win, I lose.

3.) I’m spending all of my time on Twitter, and for my own mental health I need to get the fuck away from that cesspool, even if it means giving clicks to evil PE firms, and enjoy the escapism of pop culture.


4.) Rather than cut off my nose to spite my face (and the faces of my favorite writers) I’ll do my part to fight PE in other ways. Most notably, by supporting, donating to, and voting for the next President of the United States, Senator Bernie Sanders.

5.) Splinter was a good website.

6.) Deadspin was a good website.

So in the unlikely event that any commenter says, “I think I remember you, didn’t you say you weren’t coming back here anymore?” I’ll just paste this link so I don’t have to type it multiple times. Not that I expect to be asked that question once, let alone multiple times.

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